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Claridge House, 53 Vincent St, Ararat, Victoria 3377      (03) 535 25611     |

Claridge House, 53 Vincent St, Ararat, Victoria 3377     |     (03) 5352 5611     |

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Healing Yin Yoga and Reiki workshop 11th November 2023

Join Ararat Physio & Co for our popular Healing Yin Yoga and Reiki workshop on the 11/11/2023

Do you want to explore how to release tension in your body? To feel more peaceful in your mind? To create space for healing in a safe and supported setting?

We are thrilled to host our signature Yin and Reiki workshop at Ararat Physio & Co., embodying our core values of resilience, thrive, integrity, and connection.

This workshop, carefully curated by experienced yoga teachers and healers, Sushil Atik and Kylie Plunkett, invites you to embark on a transformative journey. Through the ancient practices of yin yoga, reiki healing, and meditation, we offer you a 2-hour sanctuary to nurture your well-being.

In the spirit of resilience, you’ll discover the strength within yourself as you delve into yin yoga, allowing your body to adapt, endure, and find balance in stillness. In the embrace of thrive, this workshop becomes a space where you can flourish, exploring the depths of your inner self, and fostering personal growth.

Integrity is at the heart of our offerings. We provide a safe and supported environment for your healing journey, ensuring that every step is guided by authenticity and trust. The connection that blossoms among participants and facilitators further enriches the experience, reminding us that we are all interconnected beings on this path of self-discovery.

Join us for this unique opportunity to tap into your resilience, thrive in your personal growth, and experience the integrity of a healing community that fosters genuine connection. Ararat Physio & Co. welcomes you to this transformative workshop where these core values come to life.


  • There is one free place available to someone who would benefit from this experience, but who is unable to invest at this time.  Please apply in writing to

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